Christmas Mental Health

Christmas Mental Health

Christmas is coming…but are you feeling cheery?

Not everybody does and the festive season is a time of year that many feel isolated, and the frivolities actually emphasise feelings of sadness and loneliness. It can feel as though the rest of the world is having fun, all except you.Read More


Living with Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of everyday life when it is experienced occasionally. It is a response to a feeling of threat to your safety and your body and mind react accordingly, producing the unpleasant like symptoms. However, when these feelings become moreRead More


How to Deal with Loneliness


Let’s start by taking a true look at what loneliness is?

Anxiety and Depression whilst loneliness is not a mental health problem, a mental health problem can create a feeling of loneliness and by feeling lonely it can impact on your mental health, a bit of a chicken and an egg situation.Read More

The Benefits of Spring

The Benefits of Spring

With the month of April coming to an end and May is nearly now upon us, there is a distinct feeling of Spring being on its way.

Mention the word, Spring, to me, and it conjures up images of lambs in the meadow, sunshine and holidays. Oh yes, definitely holidays!Read More