Counselling and Psychotherapy

The focus of my work is to enable you to have the best life you can. It is important to me to offer you a safe space where I can support you to express yourself, even if you do not know how to begin to speak about your experiences and particularly if you are new to counselling. How I work with you will be unique. I aim to ensure that I gain the fullest understanding of you and of what concerns you. For some people, this will take them through an emotional journey towards appreciating who they already are, and for others, this will involve my being alongside them as they explore and undertake very important change.

There are times when we all experience anxiety and emotional distress, feeling anxious and unhappy in everyday life. Counselling and working together through times of difficulty, can help you to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point. This can enable you to focus on your feelings and your life at present with a goal to facilitating positive changes in your life.

My overall aim is to strengthen your own ability to identify and implement solutions so that you no longer need me and feel empowered to develop and manage your life in a way that is positive for you.

I am here to help relieve the tensions of everyday life and help you find the answers you are searching for. Working together to help you understand the issues you face and address them as fast as possible.

Therapy is in essence is a practice which empowers people. It can take many forms and here at Leicestershire Counselling I specialise in individual talking therapies. The most common theories used in the UK are Person Centred, Psychodynamic and CBT. I mainly work with the Person Centred approach which involves building a relationship on trust, honesty, and acceptance with the belief that you, as the client knows best.

Everyone experiences emotional difficulty at some stage of their lives and as a Person Centred Counsellor I will not advise you or offer quick fix solutions but instead explore your experiences in a very private, non-judgmental and interpersonal way helping you to move forward. Counselling is an opportunity to help sort out a problem or difficulty being experienced by talking about it freely and openly in an atmosphere, which is both supportive and caring in a way that is rarely possible with family and friends. Sharing a problem in this way enables it to be explored safely and sensitively bringing about greater understanding and giving a clearer view of the way ahead. As a result, of being listened to in an empathetic, respectful and non-judgemental way, it is possible for feelings to be understood, to achieve a greater sense of self-awareness, regain control of one’s life and work towards greater well-being.

The goal of counselling is to achieve a greater depth of understanding and an enhanced awareness of why we act, think and feel as we do. Once this insight has been achieved, people generally feel a sense of relief and release.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling works best when there is a relationship of trust, respect and empathy established between counsellor and client. Studies have demonstrated that it is the personal qualities of the counsellor - his or her ability to fully engage with the client and to respond in a supportive and non-judgmental manner, that most determine if the counselling process will be effective and helpful. It is this kind of supportive and non-judgmental relationship that I seek to establish with all my clients, no matter their background, problem or circumstances.

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