Valentines Day – Self Love

Are you one of the singleton’s that are dreading the upcoming day this month, February the 14th, otherwise known as Valentines Day? If so, you are far from alone.

With the hyped-up commercialism that hits the UK, it can be a struggle not to feel “different”, that you are “missing out” or “unloved” on this day of romance for loved up couples.

Desiring to be in a loving relationship is healthy, and the path that many choose, however, the issue lies if you somehow feel as though you are lacking in some way for being single. This applies to either sex. With the powerful conditioning society deals us that we are not somehow complete as a person unless we are in a happy relationship, it is essential to identify the truth in the situation and focus on what matters first and foremost, which is always loving yourself.

Valentine’s Day may feel like a stark reminder that you are unattached, which can bring anxiety and depression, it is perfectly normal to feel sad, depressed and lonely on valentine’s day but try not to end up home alone this could lead you to wallow in loneliness, regret, crying, or eating and drinking way too much.

Remember there is nothing worse than being in an unhealthy, toxic and abusive relationship, being single on Valentine’s Day could be a cause for a celebration! A celebration of being free!

Being single doesn’t have to mean you feel unhappy. Let’s look at some alternatives you can focus on instead:


  • Concentrate on the people already in your life that you love and that love you back? Family, close friends, colleagues, perhaps? Celebrate these people! Maybe you could even host a singles party for your other single friends and celebrate the day together? Maybe gift small friendship tokens or cards to show that you care. Focus on who you do already have and not on who you don’t have.


  • Do something loving for yourself. Take yourself off to see a film and enjoy a big bucket of popcorn all to yourself. Create a spa experience at home and pamper yourself all night long with your favourite treats. Cook yourself a lavish meal and enjoy with a glass of wine – or treat yourself to a takeaway! Buy the box of chocolates and flowers – for YOURSELF!


  • Try avoiding social media for the day. Seeing loved up couples will only agitate you if you are feeling the loss. Remember that there is nothing wrong with being single, or alone, on Valentine’s Day, it really is just another date on the calendar.


  • Take yourself away for the night, do something different to your regular routine, go have some fun!


  • Sit yourself down, with a nice coffee and your favourite music playing in the background. Grab a pen and some paper and write yourself a “Feel Good List”. List everything about yourself that you like, love and respect and don’t stop writing until you cannot possibly think of another word to add. Then read it back to yourself, out loud.


  • At the end of the evening, praise yourself and smile at yourself in the mirror about how loved you are and that you survived another Valentine’s Day. Who knows, next year you may be joining the loved-up couple’s brigade? J


However you spend the day, be as happy as you can be!